Clydach may not be the place where you may consider spending a few hours or even a day visiting, but surprisingly it has a lot to offer, especially with the Summer Holidays approaching. For most people it’s somewhere that you pass through on the way to work, or shopping but in fact Clydach has a number of leisure attractions and businesses which might surprise you.

How about Pony Trekking for example, Walking - Clydach has a number of footpaths and Rights of Way that lead to or pass by some surprising local beauty spots.

Yes, there are beauty spots in and around what some people think of as an industrial community, all within the reach of bridle, cycle and footpaths around and through the village. This includes a Bird Sanctuary built along an old mine railway track, canal towpaths, and rivers - even a small cascade.

In Coed Gwyliym Park there are canoes and kayaks for hire to use on the renovated canal and next to that is the award winning and innovative Clydach Heritage Centre. Created and run by local volunteers to display the heritage and history of the Community of Clydach. Not just the Industry but also the social life of this village.

Cycling is encouraged and there are cycle paths to be explored and enjoyed. The Community has two active Cycling Clubs, one Community based and one organised by workers at our largest employer Inco Vale (Mond), which raises large sums for charities.

Another business in the Village is the Dynamic Rock’ climbing school, which has indoor climbing and training.

There’s Golf for those that enjoy that sport. For Anglers there are two rivers, the Tawe and the Clydach, The Clydach is undergoing extensive works along it length to re-stock the river with fish. A new fish step has been built at Forge Fach, next to the cascade as part of the works by the Environment Agency to turn the 17kms of this river which feeds into the Tawe into a substantial fishery. Not only that but one of village’s businesses, H.R. Jones (Ironmonger) Ltd is probability one of the best Angling Centres in the area. With everything anglers require. If you visit the village just for shopping then you might be surprised at the range available.

If you want a coffee or a snack or even lunch there are two cafes. Brownster’s Café also has a display dedicated to the work of Clydach Canal Society. There is also Chilli Two, offering Asian and Tio Amore offering Italian cuisine along with the New Inn, Old Glais and Globe for more traditional meals. The New Inn, along with some of the Public Houses often have evening entertainment as does the Manor Park - which has frequently won Clydach in Bloom awards from the Community Council for its gardens.

The Village also has Forge Fach community resource centre which offers a range of activities from conference and meeting spaces, a community cafe, birthday parties, a range of health and fitness classes, adult education classes, a disabled bike hire scheme, and a community cinema. There is also a Day Nursery at Forge Fach which always receives excellent Care Standards reports. At Forge Fach there is an outdoor, floodlit sports area and a park for the children. All within a stone's throw of Clydach's famous waterfall.

Clydach in Bloom is an annual event organised by Clydach Community Council which every March celebrates St. David’s Day by flying flags throughout the business community in the village. The Council also provides Christmas trees and lights and has an on-going policy of placing ‘planters’ throughout the village to help brighten the streets.

Clydach High Street is dominated by St. Mary’s Church which is the local parish church and has an import stained glass memorial window dedicated to WWI, which is worth visiting.

Clydach Community Council, which is probably the most active and innovative Council outside Swansea encourages and supports its Community by holding events throughout the year. During the first week of August there is the Annual Fete, held on the Village Green at Waverley Park. An annual free Fireworks Display, in partnership with Clydach Cricket Club, at least two Business and Community ‘Fayres’ and this year the first ever ‘Clydach Rocks’ music festival to be held on August Bank Holiday and organised in partnership with Vardre RFC.

There’s also an ‘Open Garden Show’ by residents in Glais and as mentioned the annual Clydach in Bloom competition which is held during the weekend of the successful Village Fete.

There are many Societies, groups and local organisations centred around Clydach Community Hall in Vardre Road, ranging from Clydach Historical Society, Gardening Club, local Senior Citizens groups which are important to the residents of Clydach and many of which receive support in various forms from the Community Council. Many hold monthly lectures or talks, in the evenings and during the days. With exercise, lifestyle even religious groups and organisations Clydach Community Hall is in constant use and is currently undergoing a programme of refurbishment,

Many of the activities in the Village are inexpensive and with School Holidays are worth considering as an alternative to theme parks, beach days or just as something alternative as a Family Day.